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largest fish for a 35 gallon?o

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What are the dimensions? Long tanks lend themselves to different types of fish than highs.

From your pictures, the oscar is almost certainly too big. Discus you *might* could do 1 in a 35, but I'd really rather see them in at least a 55, if not a 75+ (and in a school). 

The fish in your first image I'm not as familiar with. I'm guessing some sort of african cichlid? I know there's a wide variety there, but some can get quite big. I'd recommend looking for something that maxes out at about 6 inches or less. IMO, a school of small fish can also work really well as a centerpiece in place of a large fish.

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I don't really like the measurement of gallons to decide stocking. Tank size and shape matters much more in my opinion. I would recommend the a fish should have a minimum of 2x the Length of the fish for the width of the tank and 4x the length of the fish for the length of the tank. So a 6 inch cichlid should be in a minimum of a 1 foot wide by 2 foot long That is about a 20 long. So if the 35 gallon is 12 inches wide I would not do a fish that gets over 6 inches. If anyone disagrees with my thinking please let me know. 

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Angelfish for sure. Perhaps a bloodred parrot cichlid. A peacock cichlid or 2 might work well. Firemouth cichlid. Discus, one alone might work but again,might be a stretch. Definitely not an oscar unless you want to move it when it gets bigger. Also fantail/fancy goldfish would be an option.  These are all things (minus the discus and the oscar) that I would consider, with appropriate water parameters, in my own 38 gallon tank

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