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Cory with a odd shaped head


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I have this little Cory, he was born in my tank and all of his may brothers and sisters are totally normal. This little guy, though.... He's always has a funny shaped head.

I didn't expect him to live but he's thriving. He's about 2" long now and seems as healthy and active as can be.

Any idea what's up with him? I definitely don't want to cull him, he doesn't seem like he's suffering at all. These Cory's are my first fish babies and I love them all!😂

Everyone else in the tank is super happy and breading. I even had a baby Oto 😃



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I've been thinking about what to do with him, re passing on his cute, but funky genetics. My other tanks are 4 nanos (one with shrimp, two just heavily planted waiting for a special betta) and my cycled quarantine tank that I've never used yet) and a 20 gal with my two electric blue rams.

I don't want him to be lonely, Hes super sociable. 

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