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I understand everyone has Biofilm. But, how do you know if you have enough for shrimp? I feed plenty for my shrimp to get the left overs. 

My question is: how do I know if I should be dosing Bacter AE to produce some more Biofilm for them?

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I have no experience with Bacter AE. I am skeptical of most bacteria related products. But my skepticism is based on no data at all. I am just kinda skeptical that way. It is an uninformed skepticism.

Bacteria are a force of nature. They are unstoppable and ubiquitous. My assumption is they will show up now matter what I do. 

My best shrimp tanks have hornwort in the water column and decaying leaves laying on the bottom.

The shrimp spend all day going between the hornwort and picking at it, and the bottom and picking at the decaying leaves. There are also dozens of other kinds of little worms, seed shrimp, Daphnia, planaria, and Lord know what else down in the leaves. These tanks are as entertaining as aquariums with actual fish in them.

If you take a magnifying glass and look at the lower side of the glass in one of your shrimp tanks and you see little tiny things moving everywhere, you are probably good as far as biofilm goes.

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