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upside down catfish and neon tetras, yay or neigh? and more...


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1) Can I keep upside down catfish and neon tetras?

2) I am looking for a center piece for my 125 gallon, red gravel (a planted Martian scape is my vision).  I have Long Fin Tetra's, Serpae Tetra's, and Silvertip Tetra's.  Plus two small (for now) Albino High Fin Redeye Plecos, and two Red Rainbow's.

I was going to look in to keeping Discus with the smaller fish, but temperament alone may prevent that.  Haven't even looked at parameter differences yet.  I thought I'd check the success/fail rate first.

So, what (preferably larger) centerpiece would you add?


Thanks for reading

[edit] I am placing my plant order this week.  I am looking at Anubius Petite, Monte Carlo, Valisneria (possibly), and I would like to try the Scarlet Temple again, but failed last time in getting it to live.

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I have upsidedown catfish with some cardinal tetras and zebra danios. The Upside down catfish will mind their own buisness and will often hide underneath the spongefilter or in their cave. During the night they will come out looking for food. I personally haven't witnessed any problems with upside down catfish and small tetras, and I think they would be fine with neon tetras.

If you are planning to put the neon tetras and upside down catfish into your 125gallon, I would switch out the neon tetras for cardinal tetras. Cardinal tetras can tolerate the warm tempertures that discus would need.


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