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paludarium fish suggestions


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Last spring I found a juvenile northeastern gray tree frog in my bag on soil.  My patio was a jungle of plants so I set her up with a fountain and let her live there. 96 degree day I found her under my bearded dragons outdoor enclosure starved and dehydrated.  Brought her in set up temp quarters rehabbed he got her her own terrarium.  It is her 1 year anniversary inside coming up.  I am thinking of upgrading her to a paludarium. 

I have the design setup but there is not readily available info on tree frog aquatic life cohabitation.

things I’m looking for in aquatic life doesn’t need to be a fish but can’t be able to harm her 

must be cheap she does bathe and swim occasionally so might get eaten

temp 70-75 I need the heat and humidity for her

hard water dweller 7.4-7.6 ph

very small as enclosure will hold 3-5 gallons of water in the bottom not sure which enclosure I’m going to use yet

very hardy since frog will toilet in her pool at night(yes will have a filter and be safe but the randomness of her excrement times may mean overnight with the aquatic creature. Possibly something that can get out of the water or just pond snail tough....small snails not optional she will swallow them and not be able to digest properly.

must do well with natural light only no sun or lamp so fake plants and Pothos growing out of paludarium  for added filtration of water. And large daily water changes. 

Yes I could go with just the heated pond but who can see water in a glass box and not Jones to put an aquatic creature in? Not me lol

thanks in advance for your input

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I feel like a bottom dweller is best for this scenario. The "internet" says minimum 10 gallons but I wonder if 1 Borneo Sucker Loach (they like it cooler) would be happy in such a little wonderland? Has to be something similar, bottom dwellers aren't going to eat the frog and most would probably be too big for the frog to bother with. Plus they could be a cleaner fish. Kuhli maybe??

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