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Tonight when the lights were off i saw hugo doing something, wierd...

He was flaring at the filter box, i looked closley and there was dobby the nerite snail he was flaring at. Even attacking. Every night hugo likes to rest up against the intake. I guess he didnt like the fact that he had to share the filter with dobby. Never seen him be so mean...

Just thought it was a bit funny so i shot a video...

 I removed the snail from the filter and stuck him on a glass full of algae. 😂🤣

I knew hugo didnt like sharing his food but thought he could overloook his precious filter box.

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What IS it with bettas and inanimate objects? 😄 Cosmo does that when a ramshorn gets near his thermometer or catappa leaves. Yesterday I added some marimo moss balls that I took out of another tank before it was rehomed, and when one rolled a little after stopping on the bottom, he started to attack that too, until he figured out it is a plant! (Well, to him it's a plant). Now that this is my only aquarium, I really do wish he was nice enough to have fishy tankmates. Cory cats - I want cory cats. 

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