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I have successfully treated ich with aquarium salt and temperature but it was several years ago so I'm trying to remember correctly. 

I would recommend keeping the temperature elevated until you see the fish recovering. That means more active, fewer spots. In fact, I would keep it higher until they are looking mostly recovered, which I'm guessing will be about a week. (I dont know how severe the infection is, what fish species, etc.) I would definitely feed like normal. I'm not sure what you mean "crazy big" water changes; I would base it on how your water parameters are. For example, did you fish get ich due to poor water quality like high ammonia? If so, then yes, I recommend water changes daily until you get that under control, maybe 30%. Or you could use Prime, but I have not used that product before (others highly recommend it.) Try not to overdo the water changes (for example,, 75% is way too much and could hamper the good bacteria in your filter, throwing off your nitrogen cycle.) Regardless, you will need to check nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia levels with a test kit or test strips (API master kit is widely regarded as the best.) We want to figure out why this has happened. If they are new to your tank, they may have gotten it from the stress of shipping, so they just need a little help to get over this case of ich and you don't need to change anything in your tank.

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