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An aquarium building Tycoon game


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In preparation for my trip out to visit my parents to help out my mom after her knee replacement, I've re-downloaded a lot of Steam games. One I thought would be of interest to this community would be Megaquarium, a Tycoon game (one of those park building/management games) where you build your own giant aquarium and breed fish and whatnot. They recently had a Freshwater expansion, which I bought, lol. 

Here's a trailer:


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7 minutes ago, Patrick_G said:

That’s great. My kid has a nice aquarium collection in Animal crossing and she’s built some cool tanks in Minecraft too. 

which animal crossing I also have a very nice fish collection. I have a better collection on new leaf, but still mildly impressive on new horizons  

also pro tip if you change the system time(not possible with parental controls on) it changes the animal crossing time

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