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Science project leech

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Probably not your typical question for here....  I found a leech here in TX. I want to keep it alive for my daughter to use in a 5th grade science fair. I’ve tried feeding it with earthworms, snails, chicken hearts but it is not feeding. It becomes active  and starts coming towards me when I am near. Understandably I do not want it to attach to me to feed. Any suggestions?


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It looks like it may be a Placobdella Parasitica or "Turtle Leech".  It's a blood sucker you're likely going to need to approximate something similar to the body temperature and blood characteristics of a turtle to get it to feed. I think earthworms have hemoglobin but no red blood cells, so they might not work as food.  Ramshorn snails have both hemoglobin and red blood cells if I remember correctly (thank you Youtube videos on Assassin snails)- were those the types of snails you tried?

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