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Anubias barteri in easy planter

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I’m planning of using anubias barteri with the easy planter in my flowerhorn tank.  Following the direction from Cory’s video, I will be planting the anubias with the pot.  But I was wary if the rhizome would not properly grow because it is stuck with the pot and the wool.  Would it be possible for the anubias barteri grow to a big plant or would the growth be inhibited because the rhizome is stuck within the pot?  Or do I need to remove the anubias from the pot and the wool in order to facilitate the growth of the rhizome?

Thanks for your help!

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as long as the rhizome is not stuffed down in the rockwool in its pot, the rhizome should continue to grow outward, and sprout more roots as it goes. im sure someone has a definitive answer, but im pretty sure you will be ok.

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