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Found 7 results

  1. The more plants I get, the more fascinated (and nerdy) I get. The plan was from the beginning to keep African and/or South American cichlids and as we know, plants and cichlids aren't a match made in heaven. I earlier kept Oscars for example and one of them got startled and decided that he wanted to spend some time pretending to be a dab whelmed by gravel. Think grounder. Well, for now, much because of bad influence from Cory, I keep guppies, and guppies and even more guppies - I'm overwhelmed by guppies. And plants. All this ramble has to do with that I f o u n d "Anubias Bartieri Nana Pinto", in Hungary of all places. Here in Sweden none of the established retailers have them in stock. Why I don't know, maybe "Tropica" doesn't think these plants grow fast enough to be good business. I just wanted to share that I'm ridiculously happy about a plant, it's gonna melt, I'm sure, but I'll do what ever I can to keep it alive and hopefully thrive.
  2. I’m planning of using anubias barteri with the easy planter in my flowerhorn tank. Following the direction from Cory’s video, I will be planting the anubias with the pot. But I was wary if the rhizome would not properly grow because it is stuck with the pot and the wool. Would it be possible for the anubias barteri grow to a big plant or would the growth be inhibited because the rhizome is stuck within the pot? Or do I need to remove the anubias from the pot and the wool in order to facilitate the growth of the rhizome? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hello everyone , i have a 55 gallon and i have Black. Diamond Sand ,, before i added plants most of my plants I have goes on rock except for my banana plants & amazon frogbit I love the anubias and the java ferns mostly I have Finnex Alc 24/7 and i am only using it 8 hours a day Had a algae problem but the algae is getting lots better plants look lots better since i added floating plant my nitrate is 20 with the fertilizer, i am using Easy Green All Fertilizer twice a week and Easy Green root tabs under my 2 banana plants and i was using Easy Carbon till i got my frogbit I cut down my carbon after i added floating plant and all my plants are looking better except my anubias barteri it is turning black the leaves turning black but the roots and rhizone looks healthy It is not Algae it will not rub off i accidentally rub a hole in one of the leaves ... i even did a peroxide dip I thought it was algae and that did not help it is still there .. does any body know what it is and what to do for it i Do need more carbon or less carbon .. or do i need add iron or potassium .. i Got the iron for backup but have not used the iron yet i tried to take a picture of it it is not the best photo & i hope i made sense
  4. Thoughts is this melting? Less than a week and it looking like this.
  5. Really pleased with the way this Anubias nana (petite) turned out. I was worried I had used too much glue when I attached it to the wood in September but after 3 months I can’t see the glue anymore. Perfect height for this 5 gallon tank. The betta loves to perch at the top. This is the plant in September....
  6. Hey guys. I got my new Anubias yesterday and I took it out and set it aside then got distracted didn't end up putting it in the tank. Saw it about noon today so it sat all night and get really dried up. I tossed it in the tank is there anything else I can do to reverse this mistake?
  7. Hey Guys, I'm fairly new to fish keeping and doing it with live plants. Last week I got in some Anubias Barteri that I super glued to a rock and in about 7-9 days the rhizome has disolved/rotted. I'm really not sure what I did wrong. Nitrates haven't always been high but I wasn't sure if that would dissolve the rhizome first or if leaves would die if it didn't have enough nitrates. I'm using easy green to fertilize it as directed 29 gallon tank with. I got Moneywort, Javafern, and Dwarf Hairgrass the other plants seems to be doing great aside from some melting from the Dwarf Hairgrass Any help would be appreciated Thanks,
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