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Hello from Pennsylvania


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My name is Rick and I joined to share experiences and gather information for my stocking/care plans. Its actually been about 20 years now since I last had an aquarium and I was quite young then. My fiance has been keeping a 10 gallon for the last year or so with some harlequins, a few corys and a bristlenose. We recently got a 75 gallon and got it setup with live plants and a school of 6 congo tetras. The plan is to move the bristlenose over to the 75 here soon and the corys once the newer ones get a little bit bigger. We want to make a few ropefish the core fish of the 75 gallon but what little information there is online for them seems to vary wildly on their size and care so I'm hoping to talk with more people who have had them. Here are some pictures of one of the corys  and bristle in the 10 gallon and  some of the 75 gallon with the congos.

Edit: Im waiting for some Crinum Calamistratum to come in stock at Co-op to order with some root tabs, I want to put it behind the right side of the driftwood arch to give a good focal point. that and I'm a sucker for long wavy plants.

(sorry for the varying picture quality there seems to be some compression issue with some of them, I will get more later tonight)

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Welcome!   Neat pictures and I like the look of the 75.  Can't help you with the ropefish, but I'm also waiting for Coop to get Crinums in stock.  I've been checking the website for a while now, so hopefully they have some in stock soon.  Good luck with the new tank!

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