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Male or Female? Angelfish Fertilization

Sunny Doan

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I have two angels that have been breeding for quite a while now. Although none of the eggs have been fertilized ever and this would be around their 5-6 batch. It's been bugging me for awhile now so I want some help identifying the angels breeder tubes and figuring out which is a male or if they are both females. The second angel is my larger angel of the pair and the first angel is the smaller and fatter of the pair. I want to know if I either have a male who's aim is really bad or two females paired off. I've never caught them laying eggs before. 

First AngelfishSecond Angelfish

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4 hours ago, Fish Folk said:

Looks like two females.

Here is a good HD video that shows differences between male and female angels. Start at 3:44

Females are larger, to allow eggs to pass through. Males are slimmer, as only milt passes through.





I have no issues with this statement however, there is only one angel with a rounded belly filled with eggs. The larger angel never seems to have eggs so that is why I am unsure of it's gender. Neither of their breeding tubes look like a females breeding tube either. 

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