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Egg, Parasite, or Fungus?


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  Corydora with unusual raised white spot preceding dorsal fin.  Fish has been in a community tank for more than 4 months.  Community consists of Glowlight Tetra's, Shrimp, Ottos, and two species of Corys.  I never had a reason to look in detail at this particular fish until I noticed the white area about two weeks ago.  I have completed a course of ParaCleanse with no change in the fish, or the white abnormality.

  I have attached a photo of the fish in question, and a photo of a healthy fish in the same tank.

  Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.






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47 minutes ago, Colu said:

 it could be a combination of bacterial and fungal I would treat with API fungus cure as it also treats secondary bacterial infection

Hi Colu!

  Thank you for the reply.  I am concerned that the active ingredient in API fungus cure (malachite green) could be unsafe for the shrimp and corydoras.  What have you experienced when using this product with inverts and scaleless fish at the recommend dosage?

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