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Found 13 results

  1. I just recently started buying live black worms & I saw this strange thing inside the bag, it was moving around clearly alive with the worms. I’m worried it’s some kind of parasite but I haven’t a clue. Could someone please help indentify what this could be? I really hope I haven’t put my fish family in danger before I noticed!
  2. I just brought this beta home two days ago. He came with the marks on his back and head. He is flashing and not eating and swimming erratically. I dosed with API general cure. I don't think it's Ich because the spots are gray not white, it is not spreading and some are like lines and not dots. I've done tons of research and all I can come up with is possibly epistylis. Could it just be scars from thrashing around? he is not eating. He put a pellet in his mouth and spit it out and now is totally ignoring food. The pellets are quality. I also tried flakes and nothing. All my water parameters are within range. I have a moderately planted tank. If I'm honest, I'm wondering whether to take him back to the store.Thank you!
  3. I have had these in my tank, even after a cleanout, sanitisation (flushing through empty tank using chlorinated water, and then hydrogen peroxide), and a tank rebuild - they are still making their way in there. Video JPG The new build of the tank primarily uses dechlorinated tap water, but I have also used rainwater (from a newish rainwater tank). I assumed that these were originating from the rainwater, as such, I had been cycling my premix water using a UV steriliser filter* before adding to the main tank. * I should note that this is not foolproof, it is a filter sitting inside my pre-mix tank, not capturing every bit of water as it arrives in, or departs out of the pre-mix tank. Any suggestion of what they are? and if I should be concerned? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated - Thank you.
  4. Corydora with unusual raised white spot preceding dorsal fin. Fish has been in a community tank for more than 4 months. Community consists of Glowlight Tetra's, Shrimp, Ottos, and two species of Corys. I never had a reason to look in detail at this particular fish until I noticed the white area about two weeks ago. I have completed a course of ParaCleanse with no change in the fish, or the white abnormality. I have attached a photo of the fish in question, and a photo of a healthy fish in the same tank. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.
  5. My work fish tank which has guppies and amano shrimp I ran the QT med trio when I brought them in about 3 months ago. I just noticed white stringy poop which looks like a parasite to me. Curious what others think.
  6. I fed this ramshorn snail to my spotted congo puffer. There appears to be either poop, entrails, or some time of worm. Does anyone have an eye for this? I recently started the tank. Nitrates and Ammonia are low with extra filtration and lots of plants. I also have corydoras, rummy nose tetra, 2 clown pleco, a snowball pleco, hillstream loach, and cherry shrimp. I have a second tank for snails that I just started (puffer ate everything in the main tank) with ramshorns and bladder snails all from the same source. I haven't seen any other signs of illness yet.
  7. Zach K

    Sick Gold Ram

    Hello there everybody, I have a gold ram which i believe was exposed to some sort of parasites in which I treated with paracleanse and mararcyn. It was swimming very strangely and now just sits on the bottom. I believe he now has swim bladder issues and I was looking for thoughts, or suggestions as to what to do.
  8. So I have been dealing with this now for a few weeks. My guppies keep getting these lumps on their mouths, sides and near the tail. They look like round sacs that protrude from the fish but they are also in the fish near the tail. What am I dealing with? I have been treating them in my hospital tank for about 8 days now with Paraclense and Maracyn but nothing seems to be working. I haven't lost any due to this but really want to know what I'm dealing with so I can get them better.
  9. I was looking at my crayfish because she has eggs and just wondering how they are dying and i noticed there are some small worms on her mouth then u noticed two on the glass I need to know what kind they are what to do!!
  10. Hi from BC, Canada...so glad I found this forum, I'm new to fish keeping & to forums 🙂 Anyway, this spot showed up three days ago on my Betta, Zora's dorsal fin, and it's creeping me out! So far it's not moving around on his fin. Not sure either, where it would have come from, except maybe the new floating plants I put in his ten gallon tank a week ago? Have since removed them to a 2nd 10 gallon tank I'm cycling. He hasn't had any other issues in the two years I've had him. Since I don't have a clue with what I'm dealing with, the pet store gave me Paraguard *their suggestion* to try. I gave him an hour bath yesterday, but I think he gets too stressed when I take him in & out of his tank because he got pale. So, can I just dose his tank w\one capful of Paraguard *he has no tank mates* but has a large sponge filter, so I won't be able to use carbon to take the med out afterwards. What about aquarium salt? 5 tbsp. for ten gallons? Or would this be too much to use all at once for him to handle? His parameters are: Ammonia - 0 or .25 ppm, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate 5.0, PH - 7.4-7.6, Hard water, don't have exact stats, Temp - 78 F, but does fluctuate in the green zone quite a bit. Sure hope someone has seen this on a fish before and can give me some direction to getting rid of it. Just so you know, since I live in Canada many meds are not available here. Hope to hear from someone soon & thank you for your time 🙂
  11. Hello Everyone, I have 1 pearl gourami, 1 male dwarf gourami, and 2 male gold gouramis in a 36 gallon tank for over a year. The pearl gourami has given me some concern because he has been getting thin, and his colors have been fading. He is still eating but slower than before. There has been no sign of fellow gouramis bullying him. Is it possible that he might have internal parasites or bacterial infection? All the gouramis have not been through any medication before since I got them. If there is a possible disease, should I treat the whole tank or isolate the sick one? Should all of them be medicated to ensure they are clean from possible parasites or bacterial infections to prevent future issues? If I need to treat them with medication I am planning on using API General Cure or API E.M. Erythromycin. Water Parameters using Terta Ammonia & 6-in-1 Test Strips Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitratre: <20 PH: 8.4 GH: 25 Chlorine: 0 KH: 300 Water Temp: 76 Thank you in advance for your help and advice!
  12. Hi everyone, Please help. My name is Tony nice to meet everyone. So I got Rover our green spotted puffer fish about 6 months ago. Everything has went well he is in a community tank with our other green spotted puffer spot along with a couple Molly fish and gobies. A while back I had noticed on top of Rover's head that he had a lump. I kept watching the lump and had noticed that the lump seemed to get a little larger. I reached out and talked to some people and due to its location and it not moving or doing anything else but slightly growing basically the conclusion was it was a tumor and he would just live with it. So unfortunately all of a sudden this what we will refer to as the parasite, was on the side of his body. Rapidly within a couple days it hadn't moved to his underbelly. Amongst my panic I've been searching for answers for our little Rover. About four or five days ago this parasite split. Now he has a lump on his stomach and he has a lump on the side. I came to conclusion that it was a worm because I literally saw it trying to burrow out of his stomach few days ago. Unfortunately it went back up in. Last night I treated my tank with levamisole hydrochloride 2 mg per liter or for all intense purposes 9 mg per gallon. I blacked the tank out and checked on them this morning. It had no effect for my poor green spotted puffer. I see the lumps are still present. I am out of answers and searching for them if anybody has any suggestions or ideas or ways to handle this please let me know. I can add some photos but it is very hard to see in a picture. basically impossible. Thank s. Ok little update. I examined him and I see the lump still on his side however it looks like the spot is darker now almost looks dark. I was able to snap some pics. ReplyForward
  13. Hello, Does anyone know what these are? I've started seeing them in my planted tank. Thank you!
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