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Potassium deficiency

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Hey guys,

Based on all the pictures/ charts on the inter webs it seems as though my two Java ferns are experiencing potassium deficiency. New leaves look good, then they develop tiny pin holes and eventually look as though the leaf is eroding from the outside in while turning yellowish/ brown. I dose my 20 gal long with the appropriate easy green once weekly and water change about once a month. Nitrates remain a steady 20ppm and all other levels are within normal limits. Is there a product out there that allows me to dose only potassium? Am I stuck dosing easy green more frequently and just keep an eye on my nitrates? Or do I have to water change more often to replenish the minerals present in my hard water?

I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!

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1 hour ago, Acara Mom said:

My PO is so low that it is not on the test chart! I add flourish PO a couple times a week and I'm still struggling with low P.O.  I wonder how much is too much?

Is there a test kit for it? I just diagnosed based on the way my Java ferns look. I bought seachem potassium and it said I could dose up to 3 times per week.

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