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  1. Where I got the list of things that cause algae was actually from Green Aqua. They have a video where they are looking at pictures of other peoples tanks and making comments. The people have listed their water parameters and temperature. Each time they saw one with a higher temperature they made a comment you’re going to have algae. So that’s where I got it. They have awesome tanks and are experts in their area. I am not high tech but like plants with my fish. I definitely lowered my lights. And I’m going to order some phosphate from seachem. Today, I just used the Aquarium Co-Op fertilizer It is pretty balanced but I think I need more on a few areas so I supplement
  2. I must say the algae on my wood looks really nice except for it concerns me about it spreading to other things. It does look like moss on my wood but I am going to probably scrub it off tomorrow. I checked my water parameters and my phosphorus is almost nonexistent, nitrates are at about nothing, ammonia not showing up on the chart either, pH is about 6.8 so I did not do a water change today but I think tomorrow I’m going to clean a few pieces off and tonight I’m going to do a little bitOf maintenance like some people have suggested just periodically trimming off some things. I think I’m gonna start with that Anubis! Good news is my fish are doing great! I did notice my fish are picking at a little bit of the algae in a couple areas. but not much
  3. You can tell it is an older post. I found another one with similar suggestions
  4. Ps The comments on the CO2 line up with what they were talking about on the aqua Scaping video people
  5. Any info on raising rams I am a dry sponge trying to soak everything up to learn. They are so adorable! They just always look like they’re smiling!
  6. Your tanks are beautiful! Yes, after listening to what everyone has been posting I think it seems there is a way with the higher temperature, but it’s still a combo of finding a balance. I guess it’s not a dealbreaker but it is more challenging. I need to do some adjusting. But this really makes me want to get some cold water tanks. The one that is new I mentioned earlier that has cooler water has encouraged me. My attraction to Central American/South American fish have kept me in warmer waters.
  7. Yes I started looking around for a list of plants for higher water temps. I posted a copy of a list from years ago but it sounded like someone knew what they were talking about. I’m going to gradually switch this tank out to some of those they listed and I have a few of them already. But it seems it doesn’t matter what I put in there until the algae situation is way improved. Hopefully, as I put many of these suggestions into action there will be some great improvements
  8. Hmmm. Interesting! I guess I let those videos concern me little bit too much But they sure know what they’re doing. I was about ready to get some CO2 and see if that would help but when they started talking about the temperature...I have to set everything aside and get balanced.
  9. This tank was originally set up to house German Blue Rams and maybe some corys. I have had difficulty keeping the Rams for very long periods of time and have not tried breeding them. I have been keeping them at around 80-81 And now I have raised it in this tank to 83 And I’m afraid to go any higher because everything just melts. So I’m slowly upping it because it is better for these fish as I have been told by some experts. My 75 gallon has main fish Electric Blue Acara And a few other fish. That tank I keep closer to 81. It also had a new light a couple months ago. I am getting it back in balance because that tank has been set up for a year. I’m getting ready to re-scape that one so as long as I get the algae under control then I will go forward. I’d say that once about there. The interesting thing is I have a newer tank that is a 40 gallon breeder acrylic. I did water changes frequently on it at the beginning and the temperature is lower. The light is not as strong. It is a Finnex and I’m not using as much fertilizer. It has been much easier to deal with and very little algae. But those fish can handle cooler temperatures
  10. I would like to try guppies. I’ve been looking for special type but have not decided on one. Our water is naturally low pH. One thing at a time or 10 at least at a time not 20 for me. Right now is getting this figured out.
  11. Thank you! Seriously, last night I was thinking I should just get rid of some of my aquariums because I am not doing a very good job. Then you pick up and start back over the next day trying to figure it out. Which is why I reached out to the forum. You guys are awesome! Hopefully, this will help some other people also.
  12. That is a very good video! She does a good job! thanks for posting! I’m going to look up her other ones. I just bought some floating plants yesterday.
  13. I used to think I was good at it. Now, I think I’m going 20 different directions...all in the wrong way
  14. That is a very pretty tank! And I do not see any algae.That is a very pretty tank! And I do not see any algae.
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