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Is Fritz Complete safe with Ich-X?


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  • I was doing some research on the Fritz ACCR product and was reading thru their FAQ when I cam across something that I do not understand.   The question was can you use Fritz  ACCR with Aquarium Solutions Ich-X and the following was the answer ...which said not safe...so Im glad I checked.  But what took me by surprise is it said that Fritz Complete is not safe either and that is the product I currently use. @Cory has said that Seachem Prime and Fritz Complete are basically the same product so I gather that prime is not safe either.  So what dechlor is safe?
  • If its not safe ...how does it work for using the 3 meds combo when it is possibly being affected by Fritz Complete?  Just need some clarification. 
  • This is off the Fritz website:
  • Can I use this with Aquarium Solutions Ich-X?
  • Aquarium Solutions Ich-X contraindicates sulfinate- and sulfoxylate-based water conditioners with their product. Which Fritz water conditioners are safe?
  • Fritz Guard - SAFE; this is a thiosulfate conditioner and won't affect the medication

    Fritz ACCR - NOT SAFE; this is a sulfinate-based conditioner and can affect the medication

    Fritz Complete - NOT SAFE; this is a sulfoxylate-based conditioner and can affect the medication

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I was hoping you were going to say that...I knew in my head that you wouldnt sell something that would interfere with your proven med System but just wanted to ask and be sure. Better safe than sorry.


@cory I was wondering ...I started a pond after watching all of your videos...you have given me the confidence to do so....You carry the pond version of Ich-X are there any plans to carry the pond version of the Fritz Pond ACCR?  

Thank you for all you do for the hobby

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