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Dumbo eared Betta breeding


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Hey folks, first time here! I love all aquarium co-op related videos and forums and am so thankful that whenever I have questions or problems you guys have the answers! 
Ok, so I am breeding two dumbo ear bettas and they both are very eager to mate... nest is made, mood lighting is set, they keep going to embrace for the eggy releasing hug and.....can’t figure out how to properly embrace each other. They are too close to the nest and he can’t get over her to turn her upside down because the piece of bubble rap above him, she refuses to go lower while they try. She is turning almost fully sideways herself because she is impatient, they both refuse to try it anywhere but directly under the nest and keep messing their bubbles up. It’s adorable to watch them try so hard, but I want to help. What else can I do? Is this normal in first time mating? Will they figure it out eventually or just get tired or upset and give up? image.jpg.b57ff1a56b361980ed7eb319f46cd818.jpg

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