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  1. Alright, I tried the pea, tried the salt bath, and she still has not changed. Could this be a birth defect? I have hardly fed her at all, I think she pooped a little. Do I do the pea thing again? Or should I try feeding her something more? I’m at a loss.
  2. Ok. Thank you! I tried a pea and it did not get better. If the salt bath does not help then I think it may be ether a genetic deformity or something else going on. She otherwise seems pretty healthy. Just seems heavy and like she struggles to swim up. I will try the salt bath now and keep You updated. If that doesn’t work, any other tips?
  3. It won’t let me add a video. She is not pineconning or any other dropsy symptoms. She does not seem to have a visible fungal or bacterial infection. Her stomach seems a little swollen, she is very bottom heavy and just struggling to swim up. I’m afraid to feed her because everything I have read so far suggests swim bladder/constatation
  4. I just feel bad for them. They both keep thinking they are doing it, then miserably failing.
  5. I know, I should never go to pet smart or petco for fish or fish related products...I went in for dog food, saw a sick betta...couldn’t leave her. She is struggling to swim up to surface. I have her in a hospital tub,80 deg., on day two of no food. Because she is brand new to me, and possibly has swim bladder I didn’t want to try meds or salt bath yet...could it be something else? Should I just wait another day and then do a blanched pea, or should I start a different treatment now? I don’t want to wait too long and miss a window of helping her the proper way in the proper amount of time. Any additional advice on what it may be, or if I could do anything else to help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hey folks, first time here! I love all aquarium co-op related videos and forums and am so thankful that whenever I have questions or problems you guys have the answers! Ok, so I am breeding two dumbo ear bettas and they both are very eager to mate... nest is made, mood lighting is set, they keep going to embrace for the eggy releasing hug and.....can’t figure out how to properly embrace each other. They are too close to the nest and he can’t get over her to turn her upside down because the piece of bubble rap above him, she refuses to go lower while they try. She is turning almost fully sideways herself because she is impatient, they both refuse to try it anywhere but directly under the nest and keep messing their bubbles up. It’s adorable to watch them try so hard, but I want to help. What else can I do? Is this normal in first time mating? Will they figure it out eventually or just get tired or upset and give up?
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