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Successfully Spawned Dwarf Pike (Regani) Setup Breeding Info /Experience

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I started with 2 males and 2 females (2018) and allowed the dominant pair to establish themselves before removing the subdominant pair. Anyone ever bred these guys i lways wanted to try them and hope tonhave success in the next 12 months or so? Set up is a 50 gallon acrylic with drift wood, leaf litter and some tannins. Aquaculture 110 and an in tank circulation pump

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Successfully spawned
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On 9/30/2020 at 10:37 PM, Patrick M. Bodega Aquatics said:

I have never breed them before but here is a link for a little more info.

http://www.fishtanksandponds.co.uk/profiles/crenicichla-compressiceps.html#:~:text=Broods can be quite small,after the eggs were laid.

Hope this helps!

Thanks much every bit helps for sure. 

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Hello, this isn’t great info but I know a guy that works at my local lfs and he’s attempted with 8 species of pike cichlid and Had no success. With that being said I would attempt the method of replicating 5 environmental factors I believe it was frank Kirschbaum method he used on electric fishes. But I can’t find the info I was looking for in a quick google search. Maybe some one else will chime in with more info. 


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SUCCESS Crenichila Regani Tapajos pretty cool way to kick off the fish room for 2021.

Looks like the coop brine shrimp regime has paid off and we just went from a pair of happy dwarf pike that arrived in may of 2019 to a successful spawn being escorted around the tank. 50 gallon with the pair and now first spawn is mostly the MTS farm for puffer food. I was a bit concerned the snails might prevent eggs from surviving but looks to be not the case. The triangle pleco cave from the coop was the spawning cave this first run. 20210101_170958.jpg.80e000bb1ec4ad7c965dc7e41cb70337.jpg


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