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Ich + New Shrimp in Quarantine

Ben C.

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So I have some Rasboras in quarantine right now (for a little over a week), and just as my Neocaridina shrimp arrived to be quarantined with them, I noticed a few Ich cysts on 2 of the rasboras. They've already had one dose of Paracleanse, and their second dose is due tonight. I need to add Ich-X into the mix to treat the Ich now, but I worry about the shrimp being overwhelmed having just acclimated to the tank and then loading meds in, especially as I got a bonus lil shrimplet! Would you recommend waiting until tomorrow to dose the medicine, giving the shrimp some time to acclimate, or will the meds not affect them enough and I can go ahead and do it tonight? Thanks!

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