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So my 55s filter is on the brink of death and I want to put sponge filters in and I want to use coops but larges are out of stock and I was wondering if 4 mediums would do since it’s the same volume as 2 larges and I can’t really wait for them to come into stock since the filter is about to die 

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@Goosedub is on point. 

Dont forget, alot of for BB is in the tank. On the walls, on the substrate, the decor. 

@Cory mentioned a while ago he prefers the medium size over the large as they are easier to squeeze when you have to do 50 at a time. If you go with 4 mediums, you could do 2 at a time and alternate bi-weekly. The setup may be a little bit louder overall, but hey, probably still quieter than a HOB. 

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18 minutes ago, Joe L. said:

In my opinion, I would go for two Medium Aquarium Co-Op Sponge Filters if I were you. However, your stocking levels do come into play on how much filtration you need. If you don’t have a heavy bioload, two Medium Sponge Filters attached to the Aquarium Co-Op USB Nano Air Pumps will handle the tank perfectly.

My stocking is 3 discus, 1 angelfish, 1 pleco and 1 rope fish how many should I run 

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