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Hello everyone.  New here, but it seems like a decent place.  Recently purchased a few of these...

They were advertised as “cherry barbs” but, even though they are juveniles, I have my doubt that this is in fact accurate.




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12 minutes ago, CorydorasEthan said:

Welcome to the forum! They are definitely not cherry barbs. They are serpae tetras it looks to me. Once they get comfortable though, they will get a really nice red color with black fins.

Thanks for the quick (and accurate!) reply.  They are surely this.

I’ve never come across them before, and I’m going to keep them, but need to set up another tank, it seems.

They’re currently housed in a cold water, walstadt setup (which is ideal for the cherrys) but is surely too cool for them, and I don’t think they appreciate the relatively hard water either.


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