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Disease or Wound ?


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My Hero Severum had what I think is a wound on his side. Was not there yesterday. He is about 5 1/2 inches long and thick. Eats well and great color, appears very healthy.

I'm thinking he might have scraped himself on an edge of lava rock which I have throughout the tank.

Just hoping it's not disease,  but I don't think so. Wanted to get additional opinions. I will add some extra salt at next water change, maybe help him heal ? Add stress coat ? 

Any input would be appreciated 👍

Thx GG





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Yeah, don't think it's hole in the head. Fish is not lacking in nutrition or vitamins, minerals. I add them. 

It looks fresh, like he tore skin on rocks,  just not 100%. Yes I'll monitor, don't want bacterial infection to set in.

Appreciate the input.


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