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Ich X Doseage Help


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Need Ich x dosing advice. Newb fishkeeper here. Sorry for the long post. Adventures in ICH treatment! I have a 29 gallon, community tank and 10g Quarantine Tank. Water parameters, 0 amm, 0 nitrite, 5ppm nitrates, 15 gh, 8.0 ph. 5 Corydoras, 1 hillstream loach, 14 rummynose tetras (in Main tank), 4 cardinal tetras (in main tank), 2 dwarf gouramis (in QT), 1 golden wonder killifish (in QT).
On friday, I saw that many of my fish had the ich. 2 cardinals and 7 rummy nose tetras had little white spots on their fins and head and gills. They werent covered but in spots sporadic throughout their bodies. I moved them into a 10g quarantine tank after an hour of chasing the sick ones down. THen I noticed 3 more tetras with spots in the main tank after moving the other sick ones. Screw it, i'll just treat both tanks, Saturday, I did a 30% water change with vaccuuming for both tanks and used Ich-X in the afternoon and several hours later half the sick tetras had half or most of their spots disappeared!
By Sunday afternoon all but 2 fish had zero spots. Since I had corys in the main tank i decided to move the recovering tetras and QT fish (2 gouramis, 1 killifish) from the QT and moved them into the main tank to raise its temp to mid 80s with salt treatment. I WC the QT at 80% and moved the cories into it (i was worried about high temps and salt affecting them). By the evening, after a 30% water change and gravel vaccuum in the main, I dosed again. two hours passed and 4 of my rummynose tetras died (spiral of death, they all drifted with the tank current and they were gasping bodies pointed upwards). I did an emergency water change at 75%. Water de-chlorinated, bottom vacced (second time that day too). Fish are stressed but no death spirals. Threw in some stress guard and stability for good measure.
Today this morning, i found a cardinal tetra with a visible white fuzz near its dorsal and its fins were fringed but still swimming around ok but lethargic. Moved him into QT and threw a dose of paraguard after move. No signs of ick on the surviving tetras nor lazy swimming. Basically. I dont know what i should do as far as the ick treatment. Should I keep dosing but at half strength for another 1 to 3 days?
Current situation, QT has all my corys and a cardinal with fungal fuzz and fin wear. WHile Main tank has all the fish with no more white ick spots.
What an adventure. How should i proceed from here to kill off water column and substrate ich?  Lower the Dosage?
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