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What's Up from Long Island!

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Hey everyone! So I'm going out of my element here. Not a big social media kinda guy, but after listening to Cory's most recent live show, I wanted to jump into the nerm community! So here it is.. I'm Rick, live on Long Island Ny. Love everything about aquarium coop and what they do, and am so excited to be back in the hobby. Had fish my whole life, grew up with a whacked out pacu that probably never got the love he deserved, lots of live bearers, built ponds with my grandfather for awhile and then was out of the hobby for nearly 7 years. Got back into it in 2013 but failed when platys bred like platys do and overwhelmed the tank ( I was never meant to be confined to a 6 gallon cylinder lol) Last February I talked the fiance into letting me get a 20 gallon, which I just upgraded to a 29. (It's the small victories in relationships sometimes, one day I'll talk her into a 75 lol) . So..I currently have the 29 set up with 4 gold inca mystery snails, 8 cardinals, 6 black neons, 6 emerald corys, 3 otos, and a pair of German Blue rams and lots of plants from Co-op. Running the fluval 3.0 plant light (amazing light btw, totally worth the cost), oase biomaster thermo 250 (overkill, but George farmer talked me into it and I'm loving it so far) and I've got an air pump that might be from the 90's running for some extra O2. No Co2, plenty of easy green & iron, root tabs, fluval stratum and some play sand and catappa leaves for good measure. 

As I said, I rarely post on forums or social media, but I'm really excited to be on here and share the tiny bit of knowledge I have and share my journey in this hobby with people that actually care and not just humor my fish nerdom to get me to stop talking about how cool I think Brazilian pennywort is lol now enjoy some pics


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@Ricklax96 I am also not a big social media guy, I only have an app to see sports news, thats the closest I had gotten to social media before this haha but this forum is different, very positive, helpful and lots of great people. So yeah, welcome to the forum. 

I love the hardscape! Very distinct driftwood and the fish look just as amazing. Great pictures of the ram, corys and snail. I agree, pennywort is awesome haha I also agree with @xXInkedPhoenixX, the 75 gallon will be coming soon after this great performance with the 29 😂 

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