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Killing algae with CO2

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I am having issues in my 29g with staghorn algae I have the brown algae under control and have been spot treating the staghorn with excel and it's kind of working I also got 2 nerite snails my next step is taking my co2 setup from my other tank and setting it up in my 29g will this help with the staghorn and do I have to "ween" my tank off of co2 to make the switch? The tank with co2 right now only has a snail in it I plan on stocking both tanks with fish this weekend. 

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I don't think that you have to ween the tank off of co2. It would probably prevent any stress on the fish or plants but I haven't really found it necessary to do that. Sometimes my co2 will go empty and the fish seem just fine with the sudden switch. It will definitely reduce stress if there is any but the only thing that will happen now is more oxygen if you take off the co2. I found that staghorn usually dies off with flow. Co2 would potentially help but I would try putting in a powerhead or just some flow in the area that has the staghorn algae. 

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