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How to use Vita Chem?

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How do I use this stuff? Do I put drops in the water? I am trying to finish my algea wafers before opening my Rapashy gel foods. I read on the bottle to mix with food.. How? how do I mix it with dry food? 

I want to use this for my pea puffer Gazoo, he eats snails and frozen blood worms. He prefers to have his worms served "frozen" so they melt and he chases them around. So, what I do it take a cube, use a mallet, and break it into little chunks for him, and put the remainder in a zip lock bag into a jar back in the freezer. 

I would like to know the best way to use it that is the most beneficial for my fish. 


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You can add a few drops to your pellets,and I seem to remember hearing @Corysay that he soaked some of the pelleted food.

Another thing I have also done is to make a "dough ball" (for lack of anything else to call it) out of flake and   VitaChem. In the palm of my hand add a few drops of VitaChem at a time to some flake, and then working them together to make a ball of food dough. Then drop the dough ball in the tank. This works well in heavily stocked tanks, as it will disperse through water column, and sink slowly. All levels of the tank will get some, especially the bottom dwellers.

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