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What do you use to cover/strain your overflows to keep fish out of the drain?


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I've finally gotten together the right parts for the back end of my overflow drain system (I repeated what @Cory did in his old fishroom build videos). I'll show all the parts and such and assembly in my fishroom build blog. But now I need to address the internal portion of the overflow.

I have a 1" bulkhead with a slip fitting, I suspect I'll use a 3/4" elbow or 1" street elbow pointed upward. What drain covers or designs (even diy) have you seen or tried to reduce noise and keep the fish in the tank during water changes?

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4 hours ago, Cory said:

Btw, if you shop around, you can find them cheaper. I just couldn't link exactly where since they are our competition and I don't want to break my own forums rules 😉

No one gets special treatment. If I had to drop the ban hammer on Cory....let's just say I hope it never comes to that.🙂

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