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Can I treat Ick and Fin rot at the same time?


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I'm new to owning neon tetras and I recently got the trio of medicine on this site. My neons caught ick and fin rot after I introduced my betta(he chased them for a bit, but now they are fine together). I was wondering if it is possible to treat both illnesses at once with the medication that I acquired. 

I already started treating for ick because it looked the worse, but I recently found out I wasn't doing it properly (Sorry the first time I've treated an illness.)  I put the 5ml dose for my 10g tank and did water changes every 24hrs, but instead of putting 5ml with every water change I put the amount equivalent to the water change I was making.

It's been about 5days now and I don't see any sign of ick, but their fin rot seems a little worse. I was wondering if I could put 5ml of the ick medicine along with a dose of Maracyn in my next 30% water change. 

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Yes, you can treat with IchX and Maracyn at the same time. If you don't see Ich, you can treat just with maracyn and wait to see if the ich recurrs, but ichX also helps with finrot sometimes as it has an antifungal effect.

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