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  1. Hi, I'm new to owning neon tetras and I recently got the trio of medicine on this site. My neons caught ick and fin rot after I introduced my betta(he chased them for a bit, but now they are fine together). I was wondering if it is possible to treat both illnesses at once with the medication that I acquired. I already started treating for ick because it looked the worse, but I recently found out I wasn't doing it properly (Sorry the first time I've treated an illness.) I put the 5ml dose for my 10g tank and did water changes every 24hrs, but instead of putting 5ml with every water change I put the amount equivalent to the water change I was making. It's been about 5days now and I don't see any sign of ick, but their fin rot seems a little worse. I was wondering if I could put 5ml of the ick medicine along with a dose of Maracyn in my next 30% water change.
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