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Platy with Red Bump or Tumor?


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SOS! This morning my light turned on and I did my usual check of all my fish while they ate. I noticed this red bump near my female platys anal fin. I immediately checked water parameters and they were all in typical range. There have been no new fish or anything added to the tank. I do 20-30% water changes every Sunday. This particular platy was a ‘rescue’ from being flushed because she was ‘ugly.’  I’ve had her for about two years or more in this same tank. 

The internet said tumor or parasite and to euthanize so I decided to come here instead! 

Temp - 76.9, Nitrite 0, Nitrate <30, Ammonia 0, PH 8.4 

45 gallon tank with her, 10 black mollys, 7 corycats, and one rubberlip pleco with a sponge filter and a Fluval 70  

I’m not sure what to do! Any advice would be more than appreciated!


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25 minutes ago, CorydoraDaisy said:

I do have the “trio” meds on hand. Would any of those help? 

Those are only for specific bacterial or parasitic infections and won't help here. Her bottom just fell out, probably after a hard birth. Epsom salts may help as a general antiseptic / wound care while you wait to see if her body recovers.

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Thank you for all of the feedback!

I was really excited because it kept getting better. Then just a few days later, it completely cleared up and she looked great. Unfortunately though she ended up passing away about 7 days after it cleared up. I had her for about 2 1/2 years and she was full grown when I got her so I am hoping she was near the end of her life naturally. 

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