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Scuds in shrimp tank

Louise white

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I second this recommendation. Scuds are detrivores and like shrimp and snails, eat biofilm and decaying matter. If scuds overpopulate to the point they start "outcompeting" the shrimp, you should start wondering what went wrong in the tank. 🤔

The problem with internet stories is that people are strongly motivated to post worst-case scenarios because it improves their social media "hit" scores. As long-time pet owner, former wildlife rehab worker, and current marketing pro, I find these stories particularly troublesome because I suspect the aquarium owner has a much larger problem; one that is putting the creatures in their care at risk.😣

Imagine locking a dog in a car for 6 hours on a 70-degree day. Then, releasing the dog, filming a YouTube video as it collapses from heat stroke, and claiming this breed is heat-intolerant?🥵 

That seems to be happening with these sensationalist aquarium horror stories as well. Just my opinion, of course. 😁

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So...I agree with everything said here. Scuds are harmless.

However, just as some people don't like snails, some people, like my kid, are super creeped out by scuds--to the shudder level.

If one of those people were reading this and wanted to know how to get rid of them in a shrimp tank, I would say remove your shrimp colony to a second, bare bottom tank, where you can feed them and temporarily house them. Then put a predator fish in the tank that will eat the scuds..and unfortunately any remaining baby shrimp. Something like a dwarf cichlid or dwarf loach. Then take the predator out and return the shrimp colony to their new scud free home. This of course works better for someone who has multiple tanks. 

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On 4/10/2021 at 12:40 PM, Louise white said:

@Cory should I worry about scuds in a shrimp breeding tank ? I’m hearing horror stories of them out breeding and out competing the shrimp . As well as eating baby shrimp . Not sure how I would get rid of them . 

The gal at Shrimp Life was just discussing this topic in a video. This has been her observation in her shrimp only tanks. 

Of all the shrimp you tube content out there, I rate her information amongst the best - along with Mark’s Shrimp Tanks and Soo Shrimp Breeders

As always, with anything in life, everyone’s experiences can differ.


Fortunately, I don’t have any personal experience - knock on wood - with scuds in my shrimp tank.


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