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Found 4 results

  1. I'm using the Aquarium Co-op Test strips and it gave me this light pinkish purple color for the gh. I'm not sure if that means it's high or what. I tested it twice and followed the directions by swirling it in the tank for 3 seconds and then waited 1 minute before reading it.
  2. Thumbnail: API test of my untreated tap water on March 29, 2023. The water currently in my tank is different. I know it sounds like a strange question, or at least it sounds like a question a beginner might ask and most long-term aquarium keepers should probably have a quick answer based on their experience. However, the reason I'm asking is because I've been out of the aquarium scene for a while and now that I'm getting back into it I've discovered that my municipal water supply has gone through an unfavorable change at some point and it's no longer as easy to create a comfortable environment for my desired fish. Also, I've been testing with two different test strips (API and Tetra) because they are readily available and affordable for me, but receiving "somewhat" different results. I've found myself turned on to newer products that a lot of people say have come a long way in development while I've been gone. For example, Fritz Fishless Fuel and Fritz Zyme 7 for speeding up the cycle, and the Seachem water adjusting products which were around when I was active in the hobby but I never needed before. However, a comment in one of my other threads stated that "hobby-level" water tests (especially the strips) are still highly inaccurate. So that raises the question: how do "YOU" test your water parameters? What do you find most reliable or at least "close-enough" for your peace of mind? As someone who has a very low income and no fish stores for hours around me (virtual aquarium wasteland in this part of the U.S.) I refuse to accept the concept that the hobby is just no longer available to unwealthy people. Since my readings are currently making me scratch my head pretty hard tell me your thoughts and suggestions.
  3. I just purchased the Seachem Silicate test kit. There is one part of the instructions that I don't understand. Comparing to the color chart by viewing "Top to bottom, not side to side". What does that mean?
  4. strips say it's <6.4, API pH says it's >7.6, and high range pH isn't a color on the chart is it in between all of them?
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