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  1. The video was very informative! Thank you! However, I'm still getting the same results after trying the towel method. It doesn't look like there's bleeding from anything onto the hardness/GH pad, and I've tried two more times in the same tank and one in another tank with the same results. This weird light purple pink color. Definitely not a blue or true purple to really be able to tell what it is. I havent had this issue before with these strips. I believe they are the ones with the nitrate pad coming off, that samw batch, but i havent had any issues with that. I do have an API liquid test kit I can dust off. I hope it's not expired 😕
  2. I'm using the Aquarium Co-op Test strips and it gave me this light pinkish purple color for the gh. I'm not sure if that means it's high or what. I tested it twice and followed the directions by swirling it in the tank for 3 seconds and then waited 1 minute before reading it.
  3. @Guppysnail@AllFishNoBrakes@KittenFishMom Thank you all so much! I've ordered a strainer and I already have a couple of silicone mini ice cube trays I use for Rapashy sometimes. I have tried a few times to freeze them and like Guppysnail said, the shrimp sunk to the bottom and there was a layer of water/ice on the top. That was just harvesting them without straining or rinsing and putting them in the ice cube trays. I definitely got more water than brine shrimp with that method, which is why I was asking here! Thank you again for your responses!
  4. I've seen several people freezing their own baby brine shrimp that they have hatched and I have a few questions about the process. Is it best to rinse the shrimp and put them in some tankwater before freezing them to get rid of the salt? I ask, because how salt affects the freezing point of water. Do you even need more water if you strain the shrimp first before putting into a silicone mold?
  5. Ah ok. I haven't had much experience with Columnaris but I have been reading that Triple Sulfa works. Since it spreads quickly, I would probably treat the entire tank, but maybe someone who has experience with this bacterial infection can be more helpful.
  6. To double check, do you mean Columnaris (AKA Saddleback disease or cottonmouth) or Camallanus red worms?
  7. Depends on the plant you want to use it on. But basically wrap the weight around the end of the plant loosely above the roots. You can either bury the roots or for plants like Anubias, Ferns, stem plants, etc you can just let them sink to the bottom and the weight do the work of keeping it there. the roots will eventually find their way into the substrate by themselves. You can also use the weights to attach plants to rocks and driftwood.
  8. That's pretty interesting. I have a breeding colony of Assassins that have been going for a few years and I've seen some lighter brown and darker brown but none that light of a color.
  9. I have mine in a 2.5 gallon tank until they get bigger and I've been feeding them pieces of xtreme catfish scrapers/algae wafers and fluval bug bites pleco sticks. Lots of water changes. I think the bucket is fine for now until they get bigger then I would move them to a 20 long like Andrew said or rehome them.
  10. When I was using Aquaclears, they didn't rattle unless I needed to clean the sponges in it or the impeller. How often those things will need to be done depends on the stocking of the tank and how fast it gets dirty.
  11. Currently what I'm rotating on feeding my crew: Xtreme Krill Flakes Xtreme Community Crave Xtreme Nano Xtreme Cat Scrapers - My bristlenose plecos, their fry, my khuli loaches, and albino corys LOVE it. Tetra Community flakes Omega One freeze dried blood worms Frozen Blood worms Co-op Fry Food Zoo Med Pleco blocks Zoo med shrimp blocks - extra calcium for my snails Hikari betta pellets Fluval Bug Bites shrimp
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