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Found 4 results

  1. Can someone tell me what this plant is and if I have it planted correctly? It has lots of root shoots coming out. Not sure if I am supposed to be replanting it in some way. It gets bigger, then a piece breaks off.
  2. Okay, My local online plant distrubuter has some Alternanthera reineckii Minni and they always seem to have some instock. I've always loved the red it gave off and is defentley a plant I want to try. Soo, I have some questions: Currently all my tanks are low tech and somewhat low light. The only one being maybe on the verge of medium - high light is my 10 gallon. But I want to place the Alternanthera reineckii Minni in my betta tank. I have modified the fluval spec tank to have it dimmed, i found that it just grew algae. Do you think Alternanthera reineckii Minni can do fine in a somewhat low light tank? from what I've read its low light-medium light, thoughts on this? does this plant need co2? I understand it will give off more reds if it does, but for it to grow and be happy do I need co2? Okay now for my other plant questions: Hygrophillia Rosenvaris and Rotala rotundifolia orange juice according to tropica are easy, low light plants that dont require co2, whats your experiance with that? I want these plants to make my current tanks feel more densed. I am thinking the Rotala goes in my betta tank, and the hygrophillia in my 10 gallon. Thoughts?
  3. I could use some advice on a freshly planted 15 inch cube (~15 gal) and my first real aquascaping attempt after a long time fish keeping and a short time keeping live plants beyond the occasional low maintenance one that managed to survive my ignorance. It's a low tech tank that I'm not planning on heating planted with anubias (barteri and petite), crypt wendtii, java fern, ludwigia deep red, rotala nanjenshan, and salvinias. I've grown all of the plants in other tanks, but the stem plants are new to me. My hope is that they'll grow faster and thus help consume excess nutrients, keeping things balanced and filtered in such a small tank. This is assuming I can keep them alive! I have them in the back corner of the tank and though the tank is 15 inches deep, I raised the substrate in the back so that they are in ~8-10 inches of water and directly beneath the light (Nicrew Reef 30). The crypts and the anubias are in deeper water and more shaded areas. Substrate in the back is Fluval Stratum with a thin top of natural gravel. I dose with Easy Green and Seachem Potassium. I have the Easy Root Tabs too but wasn't planning on using them with the Stratum substrate. I have one of Cory's small sponge filters that I had running in another tank to get it "cycled" and I added some beneficial bacteria, but beyond that the tank is brand new. Aside from one ramshorn snail, there's no livestock and I don't plan on adding any until I'm sure I've gotten the plants well established. I'm a little worried that I planted the rotala too densely (see photos). Should they be thinned out or spread out more to allow the light to penetrate and provide more circulation? Too be honest, I was going to go with only ludwigia in the back and had only researched that. The owner of my LFS talked me into the rotala as a nice contrasting plant, but now that I'm looking into it, I'm concerned that it might not be the best fit for my aquarium since my water is hard, my pH is high, and I wasn't planning on heating the tank. I explained all of this when buying and in general, they have never steered me wrong and have always sold me super healthy plants and fish so fingers crossed. That said, any advice to help me give these plants the best chance at survival is appreciated.
  4. When it grows roots off the stem like this does it mean that it doesn’t have enough light? Or is it a nutrient thing?
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