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Found 5 results

  1. (Disclaimer)Hello, I recently made a post about some concerns with my aquarium plants, and I didn’t really get a response, so I’m posting again if that’s not an issue. Recently, I couldn’t help but notice my Moneywort/Bacopa Monnieri older leaves’ are turning black/brown with some of them curling downward. I had this issue before (with different plants) and it was suggested to me that this could be a magnesium deficiency. I use to dose Equilibrium to correct the Mg concentration of my tank, but after a while, the GH would easily spike up to 18dGH with only 1 1/2 teaspoons of the product, despite reading 12dGH after a WC. I purchased these Bacopa in late April, and didn’t have this issue appear any sooner than a week. They have grown a lot despite being slow growers. Also, one of my Sword plants, Corymbosa Angustofolia, and Bucephalandra Lamadau Mini seem to experiencing the same blackening of leaves. In addition, the Sword plant in question seems to be growing stunted new growth like my previous Amazon Sword that was growing in the exact same spot. Not to mention, my Ludwigia Natans Super Red are losing new growth soon after they sprout from the top of the stems. What should I do? Water parameters: pH: 7.8 Ammonia: 0ppm Nirite: 0ppm Nirate: 20ppm (Mainly Easy Green) KH: 8dKH GH: 12dGH Also, I dose 2 cups of Flourish Iron 3x a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).
  2. So I have one Ludwigia Repens in my low tech tank tank. The plant has been growing well, and had lots of new growth however, it has been staying green. I have been using Easy Iron for my Tiger Lotus, but the Ludwigia has no red color other then the stalks. Is this just a result of having it in a low tech set up? The plant has hand plenty of new growth, so it doesn't look in bad shape at all, but it isn't the deep red I was expecting. I can deal if it isn't red, as the plant is a nice plant in my aquarium, but it would be nice if I could get red color out of it.
  3. I could use some advice on a freshly planted 15 inch cube (~15 gal) and my first real aquascaping attempt after a long time fish keeping and a short time keeping live plants beyond the occasional low maintenance one that managed to survive my ignorance. It's a low tech tank that I'm not planning on heating planted with anubias (barteri and petite), crypt wendtii, java fern, ludwigia deep red, rotala nanjenshan, and salvinias. I've grown all of the plants in other tanks, but the stem plants are new to me. My hope is that they'll grow faster and thus help consume excess nutrients, keeping things balanced and filtered in such a small tank. This is assuming I can keep them alive! I have them in the back corner of the tank and though the tank is 15 inches deep, I raised the substrate in the back so that they are in ~8-10 inches of water and directly beneath the light (Nicrew Reef 30). The crypts and the anubias are in deeper water and more shaded areas. Substrate in the back is Fluval Stratum with a thin top of natural gravel. I dose with Easy Green and Seachem Potassium. I have the Easy Root Tabs too but wasn't planning on using them with the Stratum substrate. I have one of Cory's small sponge filters that I had running in another tank to get it "cycled" and I added some beneficial bacteria, but beyond that the tank is brand new. Aside from one ramshorn snail, there's no livestock and I don't plan on adding any until I'm sure I've gotten the plants well established. I'm a little worried that I planted the rotala too densely (see photos). Should they be thinned out or spread out more to allow the light to penetrate and provide more circulation? Too be honest, I was going to go with only ludwigia in the back and had only researched that. The owner of my LFS talked me into the rotala as a nice contrasting plant, but now that I'm looking into it, I'm concerned that it might not be the best fit for my aquarium since my water is hard, my pH is high, and I wasn't planning on heating the tank. I explained all of this when buying and in general, they have never steered me wrong and have always sold me super healthy plants and fish so fingers crossed. That said, any advice to help me give these plants the best chance at survival is appreciated.
  4. I think this is a lidwigia repens. It grew to within an inch of the top and then started bending to stay submerged, so I trimmed it. There's new growth on the remaining piece, and several roots have started growing all along the length of the cut piece that's been floating - it's really cool! If I leave it floating, will the roots get long and flowing? If I plant it, will the "extra" roots stay, or will they dissolve once the substrate roots take off? This is one of my few very successful plants so I'm having fun watching it thrive.
  5. I'm thinking about getting some Ludwigia for my tank, but don't know whether to got with L. repens or L. ovalis. I have relatively low light, am fertilizing root tabs and Easy Green, no CO2. Under those conditions, I've heard both can live, but I'm not sure which one will give more (if any) coloration. Does anyone have experience with this? And if they'll both just be green plants in my tank, is one better than the other for any reason?
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