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  1. Thank you to everyone that replied! I think it was spawning behavior due to the large water change 🙂 again thanks for the insights
  2. Heyo, so I have a quick question. I have 6 Julii Corydoras in my heavily planted aquarium. They started glass surfing about 2 days ago but I figured it was because I did a water change, but they continued the behavior for several days. This morning I fed super heavy ( this isn't something I do every day, I test water regularly don't worry.) so everyone in the tank had a huge meal this morning. I noticed that my corydoras stopped glass surfing after that and they still haven't glass surfed again today. When I feed I always sprinkle food on the top of the surface first to lure voracious eaters away so I can sneak the sinking wafers/pellets in for the bottom feeders. I always make sure to watch the corydoras eat before I walk away because I worry about them not getting enough food. So this leads me to think that they were glass surfing because they were hungry because they stopped when I fed heavy? But I watch them eat every time I feed a normal amount? I tried searching the web to see if corydoras glass surf when they're hungry but I couldn't find anything on it. So I'm super conflicted on why they were glass surfing, water parameters are fine and there's no predators/big fish in the tank. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Heyo, I'm thinking about removing the heater in my aquarium this summer because it's big & bulky and doesn't look too pleasing. My heater is set to 73 but the temperature almost never drops below 74. When doing research online I kept coming across people saying things like "You need a heater in the summer because it's important to maintain stable water temperatures for your fish" but don't fish experiance temp shifts in the wild? Typically the temp in my aquarium can range from 73 - 77 throughout the course of the day. What is considered "stable" when it comes to temp?
  4. I love John and Lisa, I watch them pretty regularly but not as much as I used to.
  5. Heyo, I just saw this video by More Aquarium Aquarium Co-op and there was an interesting looking fish at the 3:20 mark in the video. Could anyone help me identify it so I can do further research? 🙂
  6. I almost hope I have another population boom so I can witness this behavior 😬
  7. I had my main display tank up and running with just mystery snails & shrimp for a while and I was starting to have a population boom of bladder snails. The glass of my aquarium was literally peppered with tiny snails everywhere. I was contemplating buying a group dwarf chain loaches to get rid of the snails but I couldn't because my quarantine tank was already housing platties and corydoras. The time came for me to finally add the fish from my qt tank to the main display. The day after I added them I decided to visit my mom so I was gone for two days. When I returned there were roughly only 10 bladder snails remaining. Previously there was easily over 100 or so bladder snails and there were four clutches of bladder snail eggs on the underside of the heater. They were all gone! I suspect the platties are the ones that rid the snails because I recently seen a platty try to eat one but it was a bit too big to go in its mouth. Am I the only one that didn't know you could use platties to control bladder snail populations? For context: All the bladder snails were babies and I have 6 platties in my 44g display. I doubt they would eat full size adult bladder snails because they don't bother my pet snails.
  8. That's interesting, my shrimp (Amano and cherry) will not touch the wafers for the life of them in my display. I usually have to wait for the mystery snails to finish them off. Maybe I have a bad batch or something?
  9. Was the problem that the fish wouldn't eat it? Also, if you don't mind sharing what food did you switch to? I might do that in the future because it seems like I might not have luck with it either
  10. I'm following Cory's advice for helping fish pass internal parasites.
  11. Just corys and platties because it's a qt tank lol I also feed Xtream nano which is a huge hit but I want to make sure the Cories are getting a proper diet while in qt so they aren't lacking in any nutrient. With the feedings being spread out 3-4 days apart (because of them being in qt) It seems like they should be eager to gobble up any food that gets thrown in the tank. I wonder if they would even touch it once they get moved into the display tank and are being fed on a daily basis
  12. On the back of Xtreme bottom wafers it says to feed an amount that can be consumed within 2-3 minutes but my fish usually take 2-3 hours to consume them. I get that they're designed so they sink quick and dissolve slowly so other community fish don't gobble them up but is it normal for the food to sit around for 2-3 hours? I've noticed my corydoras and platties peck at them but it seems like the pellets are so hard that they don't break off. I've even tried breaking each pellet into 4-6 pieces but it doesn't seem to help much. Also, when I've fed heavy with other foods I noticed that no one will really touch the wafers and I have to take them out with a net. Do my fish just not like them or is that normal?
  13. I absolutely agree! I didn't think of the impact of LFSs. Great point. Education is the key to most things, especially when it comes to a hobby like ours. Thank you for making great points and expanding!
  14. The amount of fish that are abused is absolutely the most upsetting thing to me. The fact that I can walk into any chain store in my city and see fish being abused is horrifying. The amount of people that buy a .1 gallon "tank" for their betta. The uneducated pet store owners that tell customers that they can keep koi in average aquariums. The fact that it's still LEGAL to sell bowls marketed as "tanks" is so upsetting. I literally seen a video on YouTube where a kid had 17 common goldfish in a bowl. Where are the responsible parents at? Why don't people understand that fish are ANIMALS! You wouldn't keep your dog in a kennel 24/7 without ever letting it outside to use the bathroom so why do people think it's acceptable to keep a goldfish in a tank that's barely big enough for them to fit in. We absolutely need more regulations on pet stores, it's not right. Walmart stopped selling (abusing) fish because people spoke out against it, I feel the community as a collective should push for the better treatment of fish.
  15. Heyo, quick question about using the med trio to preventively treat fish. I currently have platties and corydoras in qt with the med trio. In the Preventative Fish Treatment Section Cory says you're supposed to put in one dose of each med and let that sit for one week then I assume you're good? What's confusing me is that in the next section of the video he says if you're treating internal tape worms that you have to follow up 2-3 weeks later because the med can only kill adult worms and you need to treat them again once the eggs hatch. Should I assume my fish have tape worms; leaving them in qt and following up?
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