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  1. So, I had this beautiful bridge built out of these dragon tooth rocks and the glue I used has failed after less than a year... 😞😟😥 Thought maybe a forum on just scaping ideas would be nice. As my babies are still living in here, wondering on ideas for a better glue. I orginally used an underwater reef glue. Bear in mind gluing heavy, hard rocks together; not plants to a rock. And of course needs to be cure safe. If I have to take thr rocks out and let them dry to glue, not a big deal for this tank.
  2. Colu to the rescue! BluRay is doing much better! I didn't even realize my air pump was on the fritz till you mentioned adding another. Still a little recovering to go, but so much happier! Comes out and gives me kisses again!
  3. Forgot to mention the almond leaves, yes already have those. His tank is usually around 78 so I'm going to try slowly raising the temperature. I did try bumping the temperature up to 82, but I think I did it just way too fast thr first time. I found him back on the bottom of the tank breathing really hard after bumping the temperature up so I bumped it back down. I am going to do 1 degree over 4 hour increments this time to see. Since the last water change out from the end of the med cycle water checks look good little low on the nitrates than normal, but everything else looks good.
  4. Hey Colu, I have a very sick beta. He's now gone through almost 2 months of different rounds of meds and we just can't kick this! I will list in order what we have been through and all was dosed per instructions 2 rounds (so if a round was 5 days we did it 10 per instructions and water changes). But first what he has -- started with 1 cloudy eye then the other then a small patch at the front base of dorsal fin then spread to side patches and onto of head. The side patches have disappeared, but still have cloudy eyes and light patch in front of dorsal fin and on top of head. Nothing on the actual fins or gills. I did initially move him to a quarantine tank, but he went from fish with spots but healthy appetite to depressed fixing to die. I finally put him back in his home because I felt he should get to die in comfort - I mean he already can't see. When I came home he was back to himself, still patchy and blind but happy and hungry. So we have left him in his home for the rest of his medication. Now the meds: Melafix (continued use with all medications) Aquarium Salt (had to stop when he moved back home due to snails) Stress Guard (continued use with all medications) Herbtana Imagitarium bacterial infection remedy (doesn't say active ingredient) API General Cure Maracyn Paracleanse Ich-X (used with Maracyn round and API Fin & Body) API Fin & Body Kanaplex He's not getting worse just not kicking it completely. I'm am trying to get another tank cycled to move everyone to do a deep clean on this one, not easy as its heavily planted and small. Just not sure what else to do. I do have 2 Cory's that have been through all this with no issues whatsoever, but I know they are tremendously hardy little guys. If you have any other ideas to make Blu-Ray feel better, we're all for it! Those are the best pictures I can get.
  5. I would also agree that it looks like a rubbing issue maybe from the hammocks if they were rough.🤕😥
  6. I thought my Betta Blu Ray might help my ramshorn pop. Nope he just runs on them like back scratchers. 🤦‍♀️
  7. I even find some alive in my canister filter. For sure stir to see before dumping. 🤪
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