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  1. In reality, piranhas tend to be very skittish for quite some time. as they age though, most will lose that fear. But some can become hazardous. just got to be smart and respect what they are
  2. My piranha has gotten extremely territorial these last few years. so what I made here is a garbage can, with a weight on top and a handle. this thing allows me to quickly cover him and keep him contained while my hands are in the tank. He got me good a year ago. 20+ years keeping piranhas and I’ve never been but that severely. this garbage can thing works like a charm
  3. I’ll check those out. thank you! just got the big co-op net myself. Haven’t used it yet but it’s construction is extremely impressive! I’ll be buying all the sizes for sure now
  4. Incorrectly, lol. this is my first serious go at mbuna. It mystifies me how you guys can single out a holding female and net her out without gutting out all the hard scape and rock work. 🎉
  5. Mouthbrooders. No plan to keep fry for now but that could change down the road of course
  6. I’ve got a 40 breeder with seven small Cynotiliapia Zebroides. Color is just starting to come in on these guys which is exciting. After lots of watching last night I’m fairly confident that I’m looking at 4 males and 3 females. Thinking I should remove two of those little males but it’s now dawning on me how much of a chore that’s going to be with these guys. Guess I don’t want to do that too soon if I don’t have to and I’m looking for input. Should I knock it out and just get it done? Or give it time and let them get a little bigger so when the rocks come out and the net goes in, I have an easier time telling which one is which.
  7. Acei aren’t permanent residents. More rocks will be going in there shortly
  8. Yeah, they don’t give these fish away that’s for sure. That said I’m almost of the opinion the price tag should be higher for most species. Can be extremely shy as juveniles and have an unnoticeable growth rate after 5”. Witnessed many people buy them expecting something different and end up ditching the fish…all of which are imported (Serrasalmus species and two of the three pygocentrus). On top of that they live long lives
  9. I know right? Easy Green and root tabs just showed up yesterday. Have a pretty impressive clay pot that’s 10” across and 4” deep. think I may be on to something here.
  10. Back when Pancake’s tank was planted. Kind of feel that spark coming back. just thought I’d share. He’s in a bare bottom tank currently and I’m kicking around the idea of trying out a potted Amazon sword in there with him
  11. Thank you! just over 10”. unlike pygocentrus, Serrasalmus grow incredibly slow….really to a point where growth isn’t noticeable. he’s a legend though, lol…to me at least 😉
  12. Hi everyone! Never fully left the hobby, but let’s just say that life’s responsibilities prevented me from getting too serious with it for the last few years. Recently moved into a new house and was able to turn a small bedroom into a “miniature” fish room which is awesome. In here we’ve got a 120 with five juvenile severums, a bristle nose pleco, a juvenile L190 Royal pleco and 8 Columbian red/blue tetras (in quarantine). A 40 breeder African project going with seven juvenile Cynotiliapia Zebroides “Cobue”. First attempt at a real mbuna tank. And a 75 gallon with a Rhombeus Piranha. This guy is definitely my pet fish having had the pleasure of caring for him going on 17 years now. My daughter, who was a toddler when I brought him home, is off to college next year….named him “Pancake”. so that’s what I’m stocking now. I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to cram more tanks in this room. looking forward to learning and helping out where I can!
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