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  1. I'm not 100% sure but it looks like hemigraphis colorata which is not a true aquatic plant and will eventually die underwater.
  2. You can also look into the following genuses as they have some species that are also native to Borneo: - aridarum - homalomena - piptospatha - schismatoglottis
  3. I use this one from home depot. I like gel because it is less runny and makes it easier to work with. This bottle lasts a long time for me.
  4. That's good to hear! I hope the best for you and I'm looking forward to your planted scape.
  5. I agree with @ScottieB. The lava rock at the bottom will also help with planting because fluval stratum is a pretty light substrate and plants can often become uprooted.
  6. Had a group of six of these guys before. They would always nibble on my arm whenever I did maintenance and they did manage to breed in my community tank. Like @Hoi Polloi said, they did not eat too much algae.
  7. For now, I would reduce the light while getting you're doing the changes. Whenever I set up a new tank I leave the light low then slowly ramp up so if I notice algae I can reduce the light and see what is causing it.
  8. I only grow anubias and bucephalandra really so I one under the larger plants about 4 months apart. I also dose a lean fertilizer in the water column. My friend who has a Dutch planted Aquarium puts them 1-2 inches apart every three months like most people
  9. I also use osmocote for my planted tank but I place the individual pearls into the substrate rather than in a pill capsule. Though if you are going with pill capsules, it is often cheaper to buy the capsules and osmocote to make it yourself.
  10. Nope! I believe it will be fine with a tight fitting lid.
  11. @Mmiller2001 Is correct about the co2 and o2. Without good gas exchange this can also end up gassing your livestock in your tank so it is important to have good surface agitation when injecting co2.
  12. I didn't have the patience to do the three day soak so I did two to three table spoons per gallon and let it soak for three to four hours. It worked for my anubias when I did it.
  13. I found that my cherry shrimp would only eat BBA after I spot dose excel on it.
  14. I use Omega one shrimp pellets which works pretty well. But I also feed sinking bug bites and sinking northfin food as well
  15. If you are worried about nutrients you can always add root tabs to the sand as well
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