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  1. I put Dragon Stone in my tank, and over time, it seems to be almost dissolving / crumbling away. Is this normal? Kinda disappointing…
  2. I started with 10 Cherry Shrimp at about Christmas time in a 29 gal tank. Now there are … hundreds. The question is, will inbreeding eventually become an issue? I.e., should I periodically introduce a few fresh stock for genetic diversity?
  3. I put two yellow Rabbit Snails in my new Cherry Shrimp tank a month ago, on the basis that they help control algae and help keep the tank cycled as the Shrimp population gets established. Also because they reproduce slowly. A month later I have seven (5 babies). That’s a little faster population growth than I thought, but not a problem. Is this the population growth rate I can expect to continue?
  4. Check out Flip Aquatics - tons of good videos on YouTube.
  5. Just an interesting observation. I originally cycled my tank with a few White Clouds - about 5 years ago. For the last year or so, through natural attrition, there is only one left. I know they like to hang out in groups, but I don’t want any more White Clouds, so just letting it live out it’s life. It now schools with the Neons - always hanging out among them & they don’t seem to mind at all. I guess it has been adopted…
  6. They wiggle to ‘swim’ and appear to be round.
  7. These are in my Shrimp tank. There’s quite a bit of algae in there. Should I be concerned or does it need some kind of treatment?
  8. Just started my Shrimp tank (Cherry). I cycled it first with a couple Comets, removed before adding shrimp. I drip-acclimated the shrimp. Questions: (1) I started with 10. 2 have died. Is it normal to lose a few? The others aren’t too active - just sitting on the driftwood, though they seem to be eating biofilm. (2) Water Chemistry, Ideal (per Flip Aquatics). pH: 6-7 Ideal / 7.8 Actual Ammonia: 0 Ideal / 0 Actual Nitrite: 0 Ideal / 0 Actual Nitrate: <20 Ideal / 5 Actual KH: 2-8 Ideal / 7.5 Actual GH: 7-15 Ideal / 18 Actual TDS: 180-400 Ideal / 485 Actual Temp: 68-72 / 72.4 Actual (no heater in tank) So, GH and TDS are a little high. Should I be concerned? How do I bring it down? Should I be concerned about the pH? Am I over-analyzing & just let it work itself out? I have fed Rapashy - no interest. Thanks.
  9. Thx. Looks flat, as opposed to raised.
  10. Just noticed today (see pic). Water parameters before a 30% water change. pH 7.4 Ammonia just a trace, < .25 ppm Nitrite 0 Nitrate 15 KH 6 GH 12 TDS 463 Temp 76.4 Deg F This is a fairly new tank, 45 gal. It doesn’t look fuzzy or anything.
  11. Just noticed today (see pic). Water parameters before a 30% water change. pH 7.4 Ammonia just a trace, < .25 ppm Nitrite 0 Nitrate 15 KH 6 GH 12 TDS 463 Temp 76.4 Deg F This is a fairly new tank, 45 gal. It doesn’t look fuzzy or anything.
  12. How long should I boil driftwood to make sure it’s ready to go into the tank - and hopefully stay sunk?
  13. Moving some plants from a pond-snail infested tank to a new one. This will be a shrimp tank so I really don’t want to use Assassin snails if I don’t have to. I’d also like a few Nerites - but have read that Assassins will go for them, sooner or later. I’ve seen videos that say a 1-2 day plant soak in an Alum solution will kill snails and eggs without harming plants. Anyone here with experience with this?
  14. Thanks - very helpful. I did watch the Flip Aquatics video last night - which set me on the current course. Since I'm following their regimen I will likely order the shrimp from them, when ready.
  15. I'm setting up a shrimp tank (20g), and plan to use DI water, which I can easily get at work. I will add minerals to achieve TDS around 200. 1. Other than hitting TDS; (and obviously monitoring Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates) - is there anything I should pay attention to? 2. The PH for DI water should be right at 7.0, which, as far as I can tell, is fine for Cherry Shrimp. Will PH generally increase or decrease in the tank, over time? 3. Does any of the above have any bearing on plants that I put in? 4. If I use Easy Green for the plants, other than watching Nitrates, will there be any impact on water chemistry from the fertilizer? Substrate will be Seachem Fluorite, if that matters. No CO2, plan to use no heater. Thanks in advance!
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