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  1. I have a 45gal tank which I setup about 5 weeks ago. I have a Fluval 3.0 light. I had it set to the preset Planted setting. 3 weeks into it, pretty much all type of algae started growing and covered the driftwood completely. I got 9 oto cats and 9 ammano shrimps. In no time all algae was completely gone except hair algae. A week ago, I changed the light setting to a shorter duration, less intensity and less blue and pink lights. But the hair algae is increasing. Ammonia, nitrites are 0. Nitrate is around 10. Any suggestions? I bought yesterday 3 Siamese algae eaters. They haven't touched it yet. Also most of the plants I have require low light. Out of the 15 plant 3 require medium light.
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