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  1. I'm new, so take everything I say with a grain of salt, but hopefully any of the vets can back me up or correct me😁 Here's a few things that I noticed, that may help. You said you have scarlet temple, amazon sword, and Christmas moss. Both the scarlet temple and Amazon sword are root feeders, so won't use a lot of what is in the water column. So, what you're dosing would have to be used up by the Christmas moss. I would get some root tabs, and just put a couple under your sword and temples. From personal experience, I thought amazon swords didn't grow all that fast (no matter what the internet said) because the one I had took 6 months to grow 3 inches. Replanted in my 55 gallon with root tabs (and ez green for everything) and it tripled in size in about a 6 weeks and is sending out runners👍 Thing 2: from the way you described your light setup in guessing you have a fluval plant 3.0 (or 2.0). Those light are fantastic, i love mine, but they put out more light than I could ever use. My 55 gallon is 21 inches deep and if I go above 70% I start getting algae. Since your bow front is about 17" deep cut the light down a bit...start at 50-60%. If you want more light for watching your fish, set it to where you want...it'll be fine for an hour or two. Also, don't know if it is true or not but I've heard that the 3.0's blue lights can help cause algae. Haven't tested that, but cut mine off to be safe and everything is still growing great.
  2. First post here, so hello everyone, I'd first like to say that there is a night and day difference between the few other root tabs (and fertilizers) available from chain stores that I've tried and the EZ line of products. I stopped bothering with root tabs in the past because they offered no percievable benefits and just made a mess. Aquarium coop's tabs are just the opposite, Easy to use, don't murk up the water, and holy cow! The growth I've seen using them! I recently set up my 55 gallon figured I'd add tabs just like the directions said with 4-6 inch spacing...I think I was a bit closer to 4 inches because anything worth doing is worth OVERdoing...lol...anyways I had a grid that was 3 by 10 or 11, so 30-ish in 55gallons. Also, whenever I plant anything new, I stick a tab or two below them, and I've never seen any sign of root burn, sick looking leaves, etc...just amazing plants. Since the tabs are basically just filled with really good dirt(Corey said that in one of his videos) and 11 herbs and spices, I don't think you could overdose on them...honestly, if I could get ahold of 20-30 lbs of that tab mix I'd be willing to try a dirted tank with them. Doing it in tab form would make for some slimy water (from gelatin) and impossible to keep sunk. So, T.L.D.R...I don't think you can overdose. You'll be skimming jello out of the tank long before then😁
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