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  1. Instead of real-estate it could be fish stores and fish farms that you buy. And you can visit fishrooms instead of jail😀
  2. Oh God, sorry, one of those days 😒😂
  3. Apparently in 1990's it was line bred in Germany and it's a colour variant of the "Gold Flash" Cory. According to Mr Google Pants it originally came from Peru. It's a beautiful fish with it's golden back and it stands out in a highly planted tank
  4. Anyone else think there should be a Aquarium Co-op board game? I love fish trivia. I can only imagine how much it would cost to manufacture Coopy, but it would be soooo cool.😀
  5. I honestly didn't think pellets were so hard. Imagine having to get that down as quick as possible so others don't get them. It's a wonder our fish don't choke more often.
  6. I just went to grind up some cichlid pellets to feed some smaller fry and I've noticed that the pellets are really hard to grind. Are most dry pellets like this?
  7. Definitely A magnified strip along the bottom of the Aquarium so I can spot eggs and fry. Or even a magnified sheet that I could Cover the front glass in. I can't see much these days.
  8. G'day everyone. Just wondering how long I Should leave Goldfish together while spawning.
  9. Thanks, I've got strainers covered in foam
  10. Can I put fish in a sump if it's only new? The tank that the sump is hooked up to has been running for 10 years. Im hooking up the sump to keep fry and extra plants.
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