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  1. So shrimp newbie question… how do I transfer the baby shrimp into my tank? Right now, I think they’re too small to net, even with the fine mesh shrimp net.
  2. I ordered some red cherry shrimp online. When they arrived, I poured the bag into my glass quarantine bowl to start the temperature acclimation. I then noticed a whole bunch of white/transparent things swimming around :) There are also a couple of berried females… so more babies are coming! My original plan was to add the shrimp to my 15 gal Fluval Flex - and I can still add the adults. What do I do with the babies - leave the babies in the glass bowl and add some Java moss/shrimp food for them? This glass bowl doesn’t have substrate, a filter, or an air stone. I also have to prep the Fluval for the inevitable Shrimp births. Do I just put sponge over the filter vents so the babies don’t go inside? Any advice is helpful -thanks!
  3. Hi all - what are your thoughts about putting in 10 red cherry shrimp in a 15 gal with 4 otos? I supplement the existing algae with a daily algae wafer, and the otos seem to be doing good with that. That said, I had no idea how voracious the otos were with respect to algae!!! They crushed all of the algae overgrowth in a matter of days. Are the shrimp the same way? The tank is planted (Anubias nana, Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus, and Staurogyne Repens), and also has a few white cloud and glow light tetras, so they get flake food. Would love your thoughts and wisdom… thanks!
  4. Hi all, I'd love to hear your suggestions for another plant to add to my 15 gal tank (picture below). The tank has 6 white clouds and 6 glow light tetras in it. I'm so new that I really don't know the options - what would be good vs bad, etc. My criteria: easy to maintain and hard to kill The plants I have in there are: Anubias nana (I think), and a Staurogyne Repens (bought 1 plant, split into 3). While I'm asking, any suggestions for a floating plant for my betta tank? Same criteria if possible. Thank you all in advance for your suggestions! -JP
  5. Hi I'm JP and I'm pretty new to all of this! I want to set up a tank for my young kids (4 and 6), so I want to make sure I'm doing it correctly! Looking forward to reading up on everything you all have to say!
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