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  1. A mesh bag is definitely preferable. You don't want the carbon banging around and breaking up into smaller pieces. Carbon dust has possibly been linked to hith so it's best to avoid that situation besides the nightmare clean up it will cause. I use serenity brand carbon thats fairly cheap and has a mesh bag in every box.
  2. Don't toss the sun sun out. Buy a new o ring and keep it lubed as a spare filter in case the hob breaks down or you get a new tank. I use this stuff for o rings etc and it's fantastic.
  3. Those are perfect plants for a beginner except for the mc and micro sword. They really like co2 and higher light than the other plants will be able to use.dwarf chain sword are a good replacement for it though.With the other plants you can turn the light down very low to avoid algae issues and give them at least 8 hours a day. You probably won't even need ferts because they are very low demand plants. Be warned that once crypts settle in they can become almost invasive sending runners under the substrate all over the tank and chain sword is just as bad.
  4. I have a tank with neon tetra disease running rampant.so after I have culled the tetras in there how long of a fallow period before the tank is safe again? I have MTS, bladder snails and pygmy corys that appear totally unaffected in the tank as well so can they host it as well? My plan at this stage is to restock with p. Signifer so are they susceptible to ntd? Because I've got fish in the tank already id really prefer to wait it out than break it all down and bleach everything and start again.
  5. They are goldfish. Did you use plants from a goldfish tank that might have brought eggs across?
  6. Have you got a sponge on the intake? That might be all you need.
  7. float for 20 mins then net them into the tank.i used to drip acclimate but then seen a marine fish seller say that they flop and plop all their fish because drip acclimation was leading to greater losses.if its good enough for much more sensitive marine fish i figure its also good enough for freshwater fish.
  8. im not a huge fan of horror but did enjoy the saw movies and the final destination movies. i watched one with the missus recently called the hunt that wasn't bad at all not as predictable as the genre seems to be in general. do you think predator is in the horror genre? i always thought of it more as an action film but now you say that it does kind of fit the mold.
  9. The api kits are basically useless. They throw false numbers all the time and if anyone can tell 40ppm from 80ppm or 160 ppm nitrate they have super eyes. Get some co op test strips for a quicker easier and more accurate test. Or if you want better resolution the salifert test kits are reasonably priced and spot on accurate without shaking a bottle for 20 mins first.
  10. Its because we cant import any fw puffers so someone has to smuggle in a breeding group before they become availble to the hobby in general.as far as im aware pea puffers are the only fw puffers available in aus right now any others would have to be smuggled in and worth a ridiculous amount.
  11. Sounds like your on the right track.most important thing when your getting started is to test the water regularly until your happy the tank is settled and running right.
  12. Nah Australia.power bill has gone from 250 a month to 450 so not as bad as you poor buggers but still enough to hurt
  13. Ive been keeping fish for 30 years.started with a carnival goldfish and weekly tank tear downs and bleach soak. This continued for some months before borrowing a book from the library and discovering the cycle and actually having some success.over the years i had all sorts of different fish and when my kids were born i had a community planted tank and was raising guppies and bn but living in a tiny 2br house ended up with just one 55 gallon tank that i ended up losing interest in for the most part and my aquaponics system. Around 4 years ago i got an oscar for that tank and it reignited the passion for fish. Then 3 years ago we moved into a bigger house with a garage and now have a little fishroom. I have 20 tanks and loving it all except for the power bill in the last few months.my favourite fish are my oscars and my dog faced puffer its their personality that gets me.
  14. For me the one day fish is a group of pea puffers.might not seem all that exotic to most of you but they are $200+ a piece here in oz.for now i just have to be happy with my saltwater puffers instead which is easy to do.
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