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  1. I wonder about that because I have been observing her today and she's interested in food and not having bouyancy problems. I looked again and do not see pine coning. I'll leave the 5 gallon running for now just in case.
  2. A few days ago I noticed that one my neon tetras was bloated and tending to be less active towards the back of the tank. I set up a 5 gallon hospital tank. My hospital/QT has new fish in it so I needed to purchase a tank and set it up. I also bought Maracyn 2 in case it's dropsy. Today I am home, tank is ready, but the fish is reasonably active. It still looks bloated though. The belly looks bloated. I am not seeing obvious bloating. Should I isolate the fish and treat it anyway? Should I use the maracyn 2 or salt? I also have the medicine trio on hand. There are no white spots on it. Any thoughts?
  3. I shocked they survived 5 ppm Ammonia.
  4. I had CPDs in a QT and 2 weeks ago moved them to the main tank. Everyone seems happy! Before my next group of quarantine fish I decided to check the QT's cycle by using Ammonium Chloride. I was using test strips to detect ammonia and my pH was a bit low. So I saw 0 ammonia and after 2 days added more ammonium chloride. Then I tested with API liquid test kit. Ammonia was actually at 5 ppm and that is when I saw pH being low. I raised pH a little, 7.0, and gave it a couple of days. I also raised temperature to 80'. Ammonia now tested 0, nitrite at 0 and nitrate was at 50, as expected. But I was now seeing a cycle. I repeated and same thing. Last night I decided to test and do a WC to prepare for fish this weekend. Everything was good in terms of cycle. I looked in the tank and saw tiny life forms. I saw 3 tiny fish. Could eggs have survived the high ammonia? I also saw a couple of spiraling worms, very tiny. I googled worms in freshwater aquarium and they look like detritus worms. I will be getting more fish this weekend, probably neon tetras. I'll test the water again tonight to make sure everything is low before proceeding.
  5. My aquarium is a medium planted 20 gallon long. There are 4 adult albino corys, 2 baby albino corys, 5 neon tetras and I just added 9 CPDs. I would like to add more fish and would keep the new fish in the QT for a month at least. I think I would like to increase the number of neon tetras to 12, so 7 more. So maybe that is the next step assuming the LFS has them in stock this week. Can I add another 6 - 9 CPDs? I could also add a center piece fish. My hesitation is that when I had a honey gourami, who was peaceful, the neon tetras tended to be very shy. As soon as the gourami was gone the neon tetras would come out and not hide as much. To be clear, the new fish would not go into the 20 long for at least a month. So the current bioload would remain the same. Thoughts?
  6. It's a 10 gallon tank with an ACO sponge filter and I have an airstone in the sponge filter. He wasn't gasping at all, literally no movement. Then it would swim off when I went to gather him. Except the last time, no movement at all. The other galaxy raspboras stay near the bottom and hide under the sponge filter. On a positive note in my 20 long there's a baby albino corydora. I've seen them lay eggs a few times. But this is the first birth. I'm going to leave it in there because the other fish are the albino corydoras and 5 neon tetras.
  7. Several times a fish would be lying on its side, floating at the top. But when I would go over to the fish it would wake up and swim off. Last night I did a water change and this time it was floating and did not swim off. I looked closer and it looked like pine coning. But it is so small that it is hard to tell. Nonetheless I removed the fish and threw it away. It was dead. So this brings to 3 out of 12 galaxy raspboras being in QT. Is this to be expected, are some fish just a numbers game? During the month that they've been in QT I kept the tank at 76', raised it to 78' the other day. I only saw ammonia slightly rise above 0ppm for 2 days, a barely perceptible change with the test strips. I never saw nitrite above 0ppm. I saw a slight amount of nitrate. I've had no wild pH swings. I added aquarium salt 1 1/2 weeks ago, 1 tbsp per 3 gal. At this point I will continue with them in QT and do a few water changes with non-salted water. Maybe it's my inexperience. Maybe the fish are not the highest quality, although the LFS is highly rated. In the future should I just treat new fish with salt? I'd like to go 2 weeks without a death before adding them to the main tank.
  8. I use Dr. Tims First Defense for water changes. It is a dechlorinator but also supports their immune system and helps with stress.
  9. Well I’m slightly concerned. Earlier a fish was floating and looked dead, but when I opened the lid and went to gather him he swam off quickly. I checked a few times and a few hours later I saw the same thing. He did not looked bloated, although that me be hard to tell with a galaxy raspbora. I opened the lid and went to grab him with a paper towel and he darted off. It’s a bit concerning but I just have to monitor the situation.
  10. I just wanted to give an update. I got home from being away for 5 nights and there have been no more deaths. I fed them and will do water testing later. I plan on a water change tomorrow but am going to replace the removed salted water with dechlorinated fresh water. Assuming the fish remain healthy, then I will add them to the main tank at the end of next week. The fish were shy as usual, but looked energetic. I'll see how quickly they eat. I have noticed that they won't eat with me by the tank, as opposed to my main tank where the neons eat as I feed them.
  11. Thank you. The instructions say to start with 1 tbsp per 3 gallons, I'll start with that and see how things are when I get back.
  12. I wanted to give an update on this. My plan was to move the quarantine fish into the main tank on Thursday. But in the morning I noticed a dead fish, which I removed. I tested the water using ACO test strips. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate, 6.5 ph, temp = 76'. When I got home from work I saw another dead fish and rechecked. The test results were the same except that maybe I detected a slight pink for nitrate. I am leaving them in QT tank. They've been fed every day, tested every day too. I'll do a 30% water change tomorrow morning and feed once tomorrow. I leave Sunday morning. The dead fish did not look bloated and I saw no white spots. They are small fish and I don't have the experience to detect much, but I looked for that. Hopefully I just had fish that died. But I don't want to harm my other fish. Since I'm away I can't really do treatment, unless someone can suggest a medicine I can leave in the tank for a week. I do have Maracyn, ParaCleanse and Ich-X as well as Aquarium salt.
  13. Are you doing this with a QT? My concern is them being 5 days in water with no food will be tough. On the other hand fish survive pretty long in shipment and they'll be well fed next week. Plus I don't risk my main tank with unexpected diseases. I guess as long as they can go without food, including food waste in the QT, then they'll be okay.
  14. Thanks to both of you. Yeah, I had typos and bad grammar. I meant I have no vacation planned after this one on the 24th. So when I get back from vacation I could buy some neon tetras, put them in the QT, and observe them for as long as is needed. It sounds like my best plan, assuming the galaxy raspboras continue to look healthy, is to add them to the main tank early next week.
  15. The main tank is a 20 long. It's got a good amount of plants, 5 neon tetras and 4 albino corys. My intention when I went to the LFS was to get more neon, but they were out. In a month or so I'll add more neon tetras when they get them in. I feel like 5 is not enough. But I'll no vacation planned and hopefully the QT will be more established.
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