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  1. Thank you for all replies. I appreciate all of them.
  2. Thank you for info. I’ve read that baking soda can be used. Is that true and is it safe.
  3. I am using 100% ro water and remineralizing with gh boost cause my well water has over 30 ppm nitrate in it. I do frequent water changes cause I’m breeding plecos and corys. My question is my kh is 0 and should I be worried about that and what should I use to raise it. Any info would be appreciated. Kirk
  4. Okay thank you very much for feed back
  5. I’ve always use meth blue for my pleco eggs and it seems to work good. I was also to it helps with wounds the female might have sustained during spawning.
  6. I have a grow out tank of about 11 zebra plecos and 4 adult zebras. I am looking to add about 8 corys to make the plecos feel more comfortable along with some rummy nose tetras. What kind of corys would do okay with a tank temp of 82 degrees. I was thinking of Adolfoi or duplicareus. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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